Executive Programmes

The Centro de Estudios en Derecho y Gobierno has a large catalogue of over 50 specialized programmes, carefully selected to provide our clients with the best formation from the most outstanding experts in their specialty area.

Energy Sector Legal framework:

  1. Legal framework of the Mexican Hydrocarbons Industry
  2. Fiscal regime of the activities of the Hydrocarbons Industry in Mexico
  3. Analysis of the Bidding Guidelines and Exploration and Extraction Contracts. 
  4. Due Diligence on Contracts of the Hydrocarbons Industry
  5. Legal and Regulatory framework of the Natural Gas Industry in Mexico
  6. Storage, Transport and Distribution of fuels in Mexico
  7. Use, Surface Occupation, Coverage and Social Impact in the Hydrocarbons Industry
  8. Hydrocarbons Industry and Free Trade Agreements: National Content
  9. Legal and Contractual framework of Pemex and Subsidiary Productive Companies
  10. Mechanisms against corruption and money laundering in the Hydrocarbons Industry
  11. Drilling Contracts
  12. Negotiation of Oil and Gas Contracts
  13. Fundamental aspects of the Hydrocarbons Industry (Oil for non oilers) 
  14. Legal English for the Oil Industry
  15. Legal framework of the Electric Power Industry and Renewable Energies

These programmes and others can be offered under different modalities for professionals with responsibilities in operative or managing areas, specially for C-Level Officials. Also, we provide programmes for public servers of federal, state and municipal public entities.  


Given the importance of Ethics and Corporate Governance, the Centro de Estudios en Derecho y Gobierno, has several programs in this matter for the Hydrocarbons Industry.


Ethics and Corporate Governance:

  1. National Anti-Corruption System 
  2. International Treaties and their implementation in Mexico
  3. Federal Anti-Corruption Law in Public Procurement
  4. Contractual and investigation due diligence 
  5. Detection, prevention and risk control


  • Petroleum framework for non-oilmen
  • Legal Regime of the Energy Sector
  • Legal Regime of the Hydrocarbons Sector
  • Legal Regime of the Electricity subsector
  • Legal Regime of the Renewable Energies
  • Legal and Contract Regime of PEMEX
  • Legal and Contract Regime of PEMEX: General Aspects DACs I
  • Legal and Contract Regime of PEMEX: Contracting procedures DACs II
  • Legal and Contract Regime of PEMEX: Contracts DACs III
  • Legal and Contract Regime of PEMEX: Contracting method DACs IV
  • International Oil Contracts
  • Legal Regime of the Natural Gas in Mexico


  • International Treaties and Anticorruption laws: Corporate implementation 
  • Federal law of Anti-corruption in Public Procurement
  • Due Diligence
  • Detection, prevention and risks control
  • Detection and prevention of operations with illegal resources 
  • Free Trade Treaties: Unfair International Trade Practices
  • Free Trade Treaties: National Content
  • Aquisitions Law
  • Risks Control I
  • Risks Control II
  • Incoterms
  • Copyright
  • Corporate Law
  • International contracts
  • International Relations I
  • International Relations II
  • Legal Translation
  • Angloamerican Legal System




  • Environment I
  • Environment II
  • Renewable Energies Legal Regime
  • Bioenergy
  • Farmaceutical